Supporting LGBTQ+ workplace rights

Utah Educators for Pride Group close up of sign "QUEER teachers are LIVING PROOF of QUEER FUTURES" in the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade in Salt Lake City, Utah. June 04th, 2023 with multicolored pool noodle pencil props, and flags all unrecognizable.

Help us create a future where LGBTQ+ early childhood educators can enjoy the right to: 

  • Come out and live authentically at work, free from the threat of negative repercussions, with colleagues who understand and respect their identities
  • Address social justice issues with the support of school administrators
  • Teach in an environment where ethical standards are upheld and LGBTQ+ rights are respected and protected
  • Benefit from professional development programs that educate non-LGBTQ+ colleagues about inclusive practices 

Many of these rights are within reach—but there’s more work to be done. Remember, it’s everybody’s responsibility to create an inclusive workplace. Too often, LGBTQ+ people are tasked with educating their colleagues about LGBTQ+ issues and being the sole catalysts for positive change. 

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Respect your LGBTQ+ colleagues' right to disclose their identities on their own terms and in their own time.
  • Correct others when they misgender your colleagues.
  • Intervene if LGBTQ+ colleagues are harassed or mistreated and report the incident. 
  • Lobby for professional development opportunities that address LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Start or join a committee dedicated to addressing LGBTQ+ rights, issues and needs in your school and/or community.
  • Be proactive: Develop a plan to address community concerns about inclusive practices and policies.
  • Encourage a review of administrative policies to ensure that they address the needs and rights of LGBTQ+ teachers.
  • Don’t leave the heavy lifting to your LGBTQ+ colleagues. You too can be a catalyst for change!

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